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Adam & Eve is a edm/pop/electro-inspired rockband from Lahti, Finland, founded in 2013.

Debut single Into the Light was released in summer 2015 worldwide digitally.
The band was born under happy stars, when lead singer Matti Rockell moved from Sweden to Finland. He walked straight into drummer Petri Liski's mansion to say hello to his new neighbour and asking how 's the showbiz works in Finland. They started to share a train to work and soon they found out that they have a lot of common interests in music. They decided to contact their third neighbour, keyboard player Ilmari Myllynen, who was living almost next door and whom Liski already knew to be guru of the keys. Next Mr. Rockell spotted bassist Largo from karaoke of a Sweden-Finland ferry! It occurred that Largo was living a stone's throw away from the others. In spring 2015 an EDM-producer/DJ Rainer Pekkinen joined the team. Guitarist Luukas Viskari joined the band in the end of 2016. 

In 2021 Adam & Eve turned to a project of vocalist Matti Rockell, drummer Petri Liski and producer Rainer Pekkinen. The trio is now working with band's 10th single.

Adam & Eve's music is influenced by artists such as Avicii, Daft Punk, Dua Lipa, Skrillex, Maroon 5, Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, INXS, David Bowie, Chic, The Suede, Kent...and many more.

In the music of Adam & Eve you can hear sex, sin and forgiveness. Taste the forbidden fruit with us!!!

Rise Like a Phoenix 300x300.jpg

23th March 2021

Adam & Eve's 9th single Rise Like a Phoenix is to be released 1t 17th April!



18th Feb 2018

Adam & Eve on X Factor Finland and a brand new single Snowbird!



10th May 2016

And now a 2nd victory to our team in so short time...!!! After Imppu's remix success in Wolfgang Flür remix competition our producer Rainer Pekkinen aka LIFTING PEAKS won a remix competition of Ninth Floor - Cool. Congratulations and a big hand to Raikka - a job well done!!!



21st Feb 2016

Mega-congratulations to our keyboard player Ilmari Myllynen alias IMPPU for winning a remix competition of Wolfgang Flür from Kraftwerk!!! Job well done!!!


15th March 2016

Our bass player Largo is at the moment in Philippines to widen his gaze in life...

You can follow Largo's journey (in Finnish) through this link:

6th Sept 2015

Rainer and Petri L are working in studio constantly.

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